Rinna Character Platform for every individual and organization

An AI marketing solution for corporations, created by utilizing Rinna's conversation technology.

Build better relationships through real-time communication and get more happy customers.

Improve customer experience icon
Improve customer experience
Offer personalized recommendations and tailored customer in every journey.
Increase engagement through real-time conversation icon
Increase engagement through real-time conversation
Get leads through conversations and qualify your prospects.
Engage and win more customers icon
Engage and win more customers
Turn prospects into happy customers.
Learn from just a few training data
Shorten training time
Various characters available
150M pairs training data for conversation and other models
4 years crawling on various Bahasa corpus
High quality data labeled by human​
Conversation filtering: rude word, sentiment, etc.

Key Features

key-feature-Knowledge Base Conversation
Knowledge Base Conversation

Customizable knowledge​

Knowledge is completely separated and pluggable​

Backed by evolving tech architecture

key-feature-Style Transfer Conversation
Style Transfer Conversation

10+ preset characters​

Can be customized into a new style character

Save cost & lower latency

AI model can continually learn by feeding data

key-feature-Conversational Commerce
Conversational Commerce

Personalized recommendation without prior customer information

Generated recommendations with minimum question

Packed in a fun game

More Features

Rude Word Classifier
15+ Gamification
Auto Online Protection
Image & Celebrity Recognition
Sentiment Classifier
Conversation Whitelist



AI Character for Chatbot

Make your bot more conversational by adding chit-chat. Create or choose a pre-set character, from professional, witty, friendly, caring, or enthusiastic.

Initiates natural chat
Error handling
Continuous conversation

AI Character for Customer Engagement

Have a deep engagement with customer through official AI Character
Build high session conversation powered by leading Bahasa deep learning conversation engine
Get personalized recommendation without prior customer information

AI Character for Conversation Analytics

Utilize conversation to analyze your user
Build low-cost Machine Learning classification at scale
Send Targeted Ads Within Conversation: leverage ads within messaging apps that drive personalized conversations between you and consumers

AI Character for News Commenting

Automatically reads and digests news articles, and posts comments alongside humans to trigger more engagement and discussion on an article
Increase reach and page view through real time commenting
Drive more people to read and engage with the content
User avatar
We're likely to read the headline, take away a few key points, and write a comment based on the points that are the most interesting to us—News Commenting does the same thing, but automatically.

AI Character for Streaming Commenting

Stream viewers can participate in a particular topic being discussed in live streaming through Twitter hashtags where Rinna's replies will show up on the stream's running text
Attract audience to join the conversation being discussed in the Live Streaming
Create two-way communication between artist and fans

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